Weight Perfect - 3rd Edition

This home-study course describes the newest research on losing weight and maintaining weight loss for life. The book provides details about the connection between weight gain and medical conditions, and obesity and sleeplessness. It also gives information about popular weight loss plans, describes scientific studies on the effectiveness of these plans, and discusses research on the connection between emotions, cravings and overeating.
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Hour 1

  1.      Why Weight Matters
  2.      Risk Factors for Being Overweight
  3.      Health Risks and Obesity
  4.      What Is a Healthy Weight
  5.      Obesity: A Public Health Problem
  6.      The Bottom Line: Eight Weight Loss Myths

Hour 2

  1.      The Food-Sleep Connection: Insomnia and Obesity
  2.      The Stress Chemical and Sleep
  3.      Sleep Apnea: A Link To Low Thyroid Levels?
  4.      Serotonin: The Feel-Good Sleep Chemical
  5.      Our Sleep-Wake Cycle: How It Affects Weight Gain
  6.      Medical Conditions and Weight Gain
  7.      Disabilities and Weight Gain: What’s the Connection?
  8.      Medications: Which Cause Weight Gain

Hour 3

  1.      Fat Diets and Popular Weight Loss Plans: Which Ones Work?
  2.      The Scoop On Low-Carb Diets
  3.      Weighing In On Low-Fat Diets
  4.      Reducing Disease Risk: The Most Effective Diets
  5.      The Dangers of Yo-Yo Dieting
  6.      Emotions and Overeating: How To Stop The Cycle
  7.      Eating Disorders: Hidden Emotions
  8.      Over-Eating: Too Much of A Good Thing

Hour 4

  1.      Controlling Cravings
  2.      Brain Chemicals and Eating Behaviors
  3.      Food and Hormones
  4.      Controlling Chocolate Cravings
  5.      Eating Disorders: Caused By Extreme Cravings
  6.      Obesity and Medications
  7.      Appetite Suppressants: A Short-Term Solution
  8.      Diet Supplements: The Real Scoop
  9.      Other Drugs For Weight Loss: Do They Work?
  10.      How You Gain and Lose Weight

Hour 5

  1.      Surgery: The Last Option
  2.      The Popularity of Bariatric Surgery
  3.      Is Weight Loss Surgery Ethical?
  4.      Who Should Have Weight Loss Surgery?
  5.      Bariatric Surgery: What Are The Benefits?
  6.      The Genectic Puzzle: Providing Clues for Obesity Treatment
  7.      Ghrelin: Key To New Obesity Treatments?
  8.      A Genetic Defect For Obesity
  9.      Genes and Obesity Drugs

Hour 6

  1.      Fit For Life
  2.      If You Have Disabilities
  3.      How Much Exercise Is Enough?
  4.      Choosing The Right Exercise Program
  5.      Home Exercise: Make It Inviting
  6.      Weight Perfect: Optimal Weight For Life
  7.      Fad Diets: Not An Easy Answer
  8.      Mom Was Right: Eat Your Breakfast
  9.      Get Some Expert Advice
  10.      Motivation Counts
  11.      Strategies To Deal With Backsliding


Learning Objectives 

  1. Discuss the relationship between neurotransmitters and food cravings.
  2. Explain the connection between common medical conditions and weight gain.
  3. List the pros and cons of popular weight-loss programs.
  4. Identify the sleep and exercise patterns conducive to weight loss.
  5. Describe the role of negative emotions on appetite and weight gain.
  6. Discuss how patients can reduce weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Products specifications
Instructor M. O'Brien, M.D.
Contact Hours: 6
# of Pages 329
More Information About This Course: Weight Perfect Accreditation PDF
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