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INR offers home study courses in many different formats.  Unless otherwise specified, each book/booklet comes with a post-test.  Each audio and video program comes with the CDs or DVDs or is available by streaming, and includes the course syllabus, and the post-test (if a test has been purchased).  After an order has been placed, INR will ship the order via the US Postal Service within 3 business days. Expedited and international shipping is available for additional costs, upon request.  For more information about each course, please click on the individual the home study titles. If you already have a text of the books/booklets, and you would like to purchase additional tests, please contact INR by email to [email protected]


Keeping Balance & Preventing Falls

Lists causes and health hazards of falls. Outlines methods of preventing falls among the elderly. Lists the techniques for improving balance among the elderly. Describes procedures to prevent falls and reduce the risks of injury.

Memory Loss & Forgetfulness

Identifies the memory changes that take place in normal aging. Discusses how mild cognitive impairment (MCI) differs from memory loss in normal aging and from dementia. Describes the cognitive and personality changes that take place in Alzheimer’s disease. Identifies cognitive and personality changes that occur in a range of non-Alzheimer’s disease dementias.

Brain Food

Discusses how foods and vitamins may improve memory and brain function. Describes how the DASH and Mediterranean diets may play a key role in brain health. Explains how food choices and supplements may play a role in Alzheimer’s disease and brain aging. Describes an optimal diet for brain health.