Sugar, Salt, & Fat - 2nd edition

This home-study course outlines the various factors that make foods palatable. It provides evidence that the "hyperpalatability" of our current food supply is undermining our normal satiety signals, motivating the drive to eat even when there is no physiologic need for food. This course presents evidence that repeated exposure to high quantities of palatable foods (i.e., those high in sugar, fat and salt) can alter the brain in ways similar to drugs of abuse, essentially "rewiring" the brain to promote compulsive eating and loss of control over food.
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Hour 1

  1. Introduction: What Motivates Us To Eat?
  2. Highly Palatable Foods “Rewire” the Brain, Making Us Want More.
  3. What Makes Foods Palatable?
    1. A High Concentration of Potent Ingredients.
    2. Combining Ingredients

Hour 2

  1. Sugar
  2. Problems Associated with Excess Intake of Added Sugars
    1. How to Reduce Added Sugar in Your Diet
  3. What About Sweetener Substitutes?
    1. Other Sugar Substitutes

Hour 3

  1. Dietary Fat
  2. Fats to Limit
  3. Fats to Favor

Hour 4

  1. Sodium
  2. Recommendations for Lowering Sodium Intake
  3. Conclusion


Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss the potential for food to be “addictive.”
  2. Describe the range of factors that make food more palatable.
  3. Explain how chronic consumption of highly palatable, poor quality foods may rewire the brain to promote overeating.
  4. Identify adverse health effects associated with excess sugar intake.
  5. Discuss whether artificial sweeteners provide a better alternative to sugar.
  6. Describe which dietary fats we should probably limit and which fats we
    should favor, and why.
  7. Address ways to limit sodium intake in the diet, and why this is important.
  8. Address some of the controversies in the field of nutrition.
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Instructor G. Willett, Ph.D., R.D.
# of Pages 284
More Information About This Course: Sugar, Salt, & Fat Accreditation PDF
Contact Hours: 4
NCBTMB Contact Hours 4 (Not Approved for NY)
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