It is estimated that 1.4 billion adults—one in three across the globe—are overweight. Registered dietitian and health writer Clare Fleishman explores surprising new suspects contributing to our planet’s expanding girth, including air conditioning, drugs, pollution, and others which get little notice as lack of will power shoulders the blame. This important work examines how we live in a new century and why obesity has become a major killer from the American Midwest to the cities of Europe and across the deserts of Africa.

Hour 1

  1. Chapter 1: Addiction To Cool Air-Conditioning & Obesity
  2. Chapter 2: Backside Effects: Drugs & Obesity

Hour 2

  1. Chapter 3: Price Of Effluence: Pollution & Obesity
  2. Chapter 4: Suburban Legends: Sprawl & Obesity
  3. Chapter 5: The Fear Factor: Crime & Obesity

Hour 3

  1. Chapter 6: Drive-By Feedings: Topic Food Landscape & Obesity

Hour 4

  1. Chapter 7: Fat is Contagious: Microbes & Obesity
  2. Chapter 8: Fat or Flight Response: Stress & Obesity

Hour 5

  1. Chapter 9: Pumped Up: Food Additives & Obesity
  2. Chapter 10: You Snooze You Lose Weight: Sleep & Obesity


Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss the major environmental obesogens which lead to metabolic changes which in turn contribute to obesity.
  2. Identify ways that individual obesogens disrupt normal mechanisms of homeostasis and set the client up for a metabolism which encourages weight gain and related disease.
  3. Identify clients’ needs to help guide them in achieving permanent weight loss.
  4. Identify individual as well as community-based solutions which may alleviate the growing obesity burden in our societies by tackling different aspects of the multifactorial problem.
  5. Identify actions which healthcare providers may take within their disciplines to change policy and outcomes for clients whose weight management is affected by specific obesogens.
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Instructor C. Fleishman, R.D., M.S.
Contact Hours: 5
More Information About This Course: Globesity Accreditation PDF
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