The Healing Power of Sleep - 2nd Edition

Millions of us struggle with sleep several nights a week, if not every night. In the The Healing Power of Sleep, Dr. O`Brien explains the basics of sleep architecture, the effects of common illnesses on sleep, how our daily habits can help or hinder sleep, and straightforward solutions.
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Hour 1

  1. Chapter 1 – What Is Sleep Really?
    1.    Understanding Sleep Structure
    2.    The Importance of Sleep-Wake Cycles
  2. Chapter 2 – Physiologic Consequences of Sleep Deprivation
    1.    The Tired Heart – Too Pooped to Pump
    2.    Sleep Deprivation & the Endocrine System

Hour 2

  1. Chapter 3 – Sleep Disorders & Parasomnias
    1.    Insomnia: Defining the Terms
    2.    Snoring
    3.    Sleep Apnea Syndromes
  2. Chapter 4 – Sleep Studies and the Diagnostic Evaluation
    1.    When Is a Medical Evaluation Indicated?
    2.    Clues From the History & Physical Exam
    3.    Keeping a Sleep Journal

Hour 3

  1. Chapter 5 – Medical Conditions That Disrupt Sleep
    1.    Respiratory Disorders That Disrupt Sleep
    2.    Cardiovascular Disorders that Disrupt Sleep
    3.    GI Disorders that Disrupt Sleep
  2. Chapter 6 – Exhaustion in the 21st Century
    1.    Ten Common Unhealthy Habits

Hour 4

  1. Chapter 7 – Medications That May Disrupt Sleep
    1.    Antihistamines
    2.    Sympathomimetic Amines
    3.    Antihypertensive Medications
  2. Chapter 8 – Healthy Sleep Habits
    1.    Stimulus-Control Therapy
    2.    Sleep-Restriction Therapy
    3.    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Hour 5

  1. Chapter 9 – Medications for Sleep: The Good, the Bad, and the Highly Questionable
    1.    Over-the-Counter Options
    2.    Antidepressants
    3.    Benzodiazepines


Learning Objectives

  1. Describe the basic components of sleep architecture.
  2. List common sleep disorders and their typical clinical presentation.
  3. Describe lifestyle factors that frequently compromise sleep quality.
  4. Outline the pros and cons of commonly prescribed sleep medications.
  5. Identify safe and effective measures to restore healthy sleep patterns.
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Instructor M. O'Brien, M.D.
# of Pages 254
More Information About This Course: The Healing Power of Sleep Accreditation PDF
Contact Hours: 5
NCBTMB Contact Hours 5 (Not Approved for NY)
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