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Describes probiotics and their relationship to bacteria, yeasts, parasites, and viruses. Discusses how probiotics affect the healthy immune system. Explains antibiotics and antibiotic resistance. Describes how probiotics can be helpful in preventing and treating certain diseases and conditions. Identify good food sources of probiotics and prebiotics. Identify how to select probiotic supplements considering their risks and benefits. Describes how healthcare professionals can use this information to improve patient education and outcomes.

Probiotics, Food, & the Immune System - DVD (w/Home-study exam)

Identifies the human microbiota, including beneficial bacteria (probiotics). Describes the effects of probiotics with regard to the digestive, nervous, and immune systems. Lists the pro- and anti-inflammatory influences, including those influences related to such substances as essential lipids and amino acids. Compares and contrast approaches used to reduce inflammation. Recognizes ways to prevent disease and disability in the aging population. Identifies developments in dental health, including the use of probiotics to suppress S. mutans. Discusses the role of immune system modulators with regards to cariogenic bacteria and regeneration of dentin. Describes how the information in this course can be utilized to improve patient care and patient outcomes.