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Integrative Healing

Connect your mind and body for maximum wellness with this beginner's guide to Eastern and Western philosophies of body movement. Licensed physical therapist and health writer, Dr. Ziya Altug shows you how to achieve total wellness by incorporating practices such yoga, tai chi, qi gong, Pilates, Feldenkrais Method, Alexander Technique, Meditation, self-hypnosis, mindfulness, and aromatherapy into a healthy lifestyle. His book is filled with practical exercise photographs,tables, checklists and charts to help patients and clients track their progress toward their wellness goals.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify major lifestyle factors which affect a person’s health.
  2. Identify the different types of mind body training approaches.
  3. Describe the benefits of various mind body training strategies.
  4. Identify specific practical mind body training techniques.
  5. Identify evidence-based strategies for integrative healing.
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Instructor Z. Altug
Contact Hours: 4
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