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Low Back Pain - Ebooklet

Defines low back pain. Describes the prevalence of this condition within the U.S. Identifies the different causes of low back pain. Describes some of the treatment approaches employed. Discuss ways to prevent low back pain.

Marijuana's Health Risks - 3rd edition - Ebooklet

Discusses common negative health and mental health effects of highpotency cannabis products. Names medications with which cannabanoids may adversely interact. Describes ways exposure to THC can harm young people’s development and health. Lists the characteristics of cannabis hyperemesis syndrome. Identifies the health risks of using synthetic THC products.

Medical Ethics - Ebooklet

Identifies and discusses the principles of medical ethics. Defines and distinguishes between ethics, morals, and values. Identifies the ethical obligations in a clinician-patient relationship. Explains the issues surrounding patient consent, including informed consent, voluntary consent, and competent consent. Discusses ethical principles in preserving patients’ confidentiality, including the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Explains the legal documents that apply to end-of-life health care decisions and the ethical principles that apply to the right-to-die controversy. Identifies the core values and code of ethics as they should be applied within the medical professions.

Meditation - Ebooklet

Defines what meditation is. Identifies the benefits of meditation and the research supporting these benefits. Reviews the history of meditation and how it came to be popular in North America. Identifies the most popular meditation techniques. Discusses how to troubleshoot challenges that may arise while meditating.

Memory Loss & Forgetfulness - Ebooklet

Identifies the memory changes that take place in normal aging. Discusses how mild cognitive impairment (MCI) differs from memory loss in normal aging and from dementia. Describes the cognitive and personality changes that take place in Alzheimer’s disease. Identifies cognitive and personality changes that occur in a range of non-Alzheimer’s disease dementias.

Neck & Shoulder Pain - Ebooklet

Identifies the anatomy and function of the neck and shoulder joint. Identifies the different neck and shoulder disorders. Discusses the differences in presentation of signs and symptoms among the different neck and shoulder disorders. Describes the role of imaging in the diagnosis of neck and shoulder disorders. Lists surgical and non-surgical treatment options for these disorders. Discusses recent advances in joint replacement surgery (arthroplasty) and artificial disc replacement.

Neurotransmitters: The Bridges of the Brain - Ebooklet

Identifies the importance of neurotransmission for higher cognitive functions of the human brain. Outlines known neurotransmitters and their interplay in the brain as well as the influence of various neurotransmitters on thought, mood, and emotions. Identifies the various pharmaceutical and alternative remedies that influence the function of neurotransmitters. Discusses possible ways to optimize patient management and minimize of drug interactions, including those with medications used in dental practice.

Non-traditional Approaches: Anxiety, Insomnia, & Depression - Ebooklet

Identifies and describe cognitive behavioral therapy techniques used in treatment of insomnia, depression, and anxiety. Discusses how existing communication technology expands psychotherapeutic treatment options. Lists reasons why many people with anxiety disorders never seek medical help. Discusses how non-traditional approaches can improve patient care and outcomes.