Women's Health: Depression - Ebooklet

Identifies the most prevalent forms of depression. Identifies the symptoms of depression and mania. Identifies the differences in presentation across age groups and sexes. Compares the theories of depression. Reviews depression treatment modalities.

Hour 1

  1.    What is Depressive Illness?
  2.    Types of Depression
  3.    Symptoms often seen in Depression and Manic Depressive Illness


Hour 2

  1.    Depression in women
  2.    Depression in men
  3.    Depression in the elderly
  4.    Depression in children


Hour 3

  1.    Causes of Depression
  2.    Diagnostic Evaluation and Treatment
  3.    Prescribing Medications
  4.    Conclusion


Learning Objectives

  1. Identify the most prevalent forms of depression.
  2. Identify the symptoms of depression and mania.
  3. Identify the differences in presentation across age groups and sexes.
  4. Compare the theories of depression.
  5. Review depression treatment modalities.
Products specifications
Instructor M. O'Brien, M.D.
More Information About This Course: Womens Health: Depression accreditation
# of Pages 37
Contact Hours: 3
NCBTMB Contact Hours 3 (Not Approved for NY)
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