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Viruses & Germs - DVD only - 6 hours

This course, “Viruses & Germs” is designed to help clinicians update their knowledge of basic immune system function and recognize serious neurologic and psychological complications of severe infections. Health professionals are in an excellent situation to help educate patients, stem the hysteria, and save lives. Those working with adolescents, adults, and elderly patients will undoubtedly gain insights into the myriad ways infections can and do affect behavior. Some topics of particular interest to clinicians include 1) How psychological stress can impact immune system function, 2) How sleep deprivation contributes to lowered resistance to infection, 3) Why positive emotional states can enhance resistance to infection and even facilitate recovery, 4) How influenza epidemics develop and ways to protect staff and patients in office and hospital settings, 5) An update on recommended vaccines; the link between vaccines and autism, and 6) Cognitive loss, weakness, fatigue, motor deficits, and pain in the chronic phase of Lyme disease and West Nile infection.

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe the basic principles of immune system function.
  2. List the key features of West Nile Virus, Hanta virus, and Lyme disease.
  3. List the clinical presentations of sepsis and pneumonia.
  4. Recognize the serious complications of pharyngitis and influenza.
  5. Describe how nutritional status, sleep, age, and stress can affect resistance to infection.
  6. Describe how the information in this course can be utilized to improve patient care and patient outcomes.
  7. Describe, for this course, the implications for dentistry, mental health, and other health professions
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Instructor R. Hullon, M.D., J.D.
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