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INR’s full-length audio podcast programs are available for entertainment only with no CE credit.  If you are interested in receiving homestudy credit, please contact INR to purchase the homestudy forms for your profession and return each test/evaluation/registration form to INR at P.O. Box 5757, Concord, CA 94524-0757 for processing.  The fee for each homestudy form is $20 USD.  The fee for a copy of each syllabus is $25 USD (no shipping fee for regular US mail).  The total cost is $45 USD for the homestudy form and syllabus for each course. 

Before sending the homestudy form to INR, please make a copy for your own record and send the original test/evaluation/registration form to INR.  If you are submitting a photocopy (instead of the original) of the test form, please submit a $20 processing fee in USD. For questions regarding the acceptance of the homestudy course for CE credit for license renewal, please contact your state licensing board or INR at for more information.

The INR 12-month audio subscription service provides unlimited access to INR audio seminar recordings with no continuing education credit.  After you purchase the subscription, INR will add your email to the podcast service within 1-2 business days.  Thank you!! 

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Food Addiction, Obesity & Diabetes - CD format - 6 Hours

This 4-disc audio program on “Food Addiction, Obesity and Diabetes” will provide Health Professionals with a comprehensive overview of appetite regulation, food cravings & addiction, useful strategies to normalize weight and recommendations for managing diabetes. Eating disorders are typically associated with young and middle-aged patients. However, many older individuals with endocrine disorders (hyperthyroidism, Cushing’s, diabetes) experience derangements of appetite. Similarly, many patients with neurological problems (strokes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, various forms of dementia, head injury, etc.) may develop problematic cravings and other appetite changes. This course will help Health Professionals gain helpful insights into the care of these complicated patients.

Food, Mood & Cognition - CD format - 6 Hours

This 5-CD audio program describes how nutrition can be used to enhance cognitive function. Recognizes the relationship between diet, obesity, and poor mental health. Describes how gut health can affect brain health, and vice versa. Explains how stress and inflammation impact the gut and the brain, and therefore influence our physical and mental health. Lists interventions to improve appetite control and mood. Outlines the relationship between food, mood, and dental health.

Subscription for Audio Recordings of INR Seminars (no CE)

This 12-month subscription service provides unlimited access to INR audio seminar recordings (no continuing education credit available). After purchasing the subscription, INR will add your account to access the podcast service within 1-2 business days. Please note in order to activate the membership and view the INR audio library, you must have already download an app for “podcast” onto your own device or computer (iPhone, Android, iPad, etc.).